by Paul Joseph Watson

December 23, 2021



Australia’s chief pharmacist says the public “just need to accept” they will have to take regular vaccine booster shots and continue wearing masks for “many years” to come.

Asserting that the bio-security police state will become a permanent fixture, Trent Twomey, National President of the Pharmacy Guild, says Aussies will have to get a COVID booster jab “every six months” if that’s what experts tell them to do.

“I think booster shots, just like your annual influenza shot [are] something we just need to accept, its [Covid-19] not going to be with us for many weeks and months, it’s going to be with us for many years,” said Twomey.

The chief pharmacist stressed that in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” by authorities, people would have to get “a periodic inoculation.”

“It’s just something we’re gonna have to do,” he added. “[If] we need one every six months, then you know what Australia, let’s get one every six months.”

Twomey also insisted that mask wearing could remain “for a long time,” something he characterized as “not that inconvenient.”

There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary government intervention.

The promise that people will be made to take booster shots every 6 months for years will entrench a segregated society of the jabbed and the jabbed not.

If the unvaccinated were hoping that restrictions on their travel and right to engage in basic lifestyle activities would end when the pandemic becomes endemic, they may need to think again.

If technocrats like Twomey get their way, mandatory jabs and never ending mask mandates to prove compliance will become part of the new normal for potentially years or decades to come.