September 19, 2021

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BLM demonstrators plan to hold a protest Monday outside a New York City restaurant that was the scene of a brawl allegedly between a hostess and three tourists over vaccination cards.

The NYPD has reportedly charged the trio with misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief in the incident, but their lawyer claims that the encounter last Thursday had a racial component.

Authorities released the subjects, ages 21, 44, and 49, on what’s called desk appearance tickets, subject to an October 5 court date.

“This hostess clearly has some anger management issues and unfortunately her aggression and her violence led to something that three Black women are being punished for,” Attorney Justin Moore told the New York Daily News. “When the women decided to leave, the N-word was dropped and the hostess ‘lunged’ at [one of the women], sparking the fight, the lawyer said.”

The lawyer for Upper West Side restaurant Carmine’s has denied the accusations. “Any claim that they were racially profiled is a complete fabrication, disingenuous, and outright irresponsible,” Attorney Carolyn Richmond insisted.

Pursuant to an edict from Bill de Blasio, the far-left, lame-duck New York City mayor, proof of COVID vaccination is necessary to enter certain indoor businesses, such as eateries.

Businesses, which de Blasio stuck with enforcing the mandate, face an escalating series of fines for non-compliance that tops out at $5,000 per incident.

According to the New York Times, it was the alleged lack of vaccine cards among some of the women’s companions that may have prompted the altercation.

But on Saturday, lawyers for both Carmine’s and the women said that the three women had, in fact, provided documentation of Covid vaccinations. The altercation began after two men who joined their party several minutes later were unable to provide proof, the lawyers for both sides said.

Security camera footage reviewed by The New York Times shows three women, who were with several other people, being ushered into the restaurant after showing documentation near the entrance. Several minutes later, three men arrive to join the group, but only one of the three shows a vaccination card, lawyers for both sides said. A short time later, after the three women, who are Black, have joined the men outside, the fight breaks out.

The footage reviewed by The Times does not include sound, but it suggests tension was already brewing between the hostess and the patrons before the melee began.

The victim, age 24, was struck “multiple times with closed fists,” cops reportedly indicated, and suffered bruises and scratches to her face and torso. EMTs reportedly treated her at the scene, but she was not seriously hurt. Fortunately, other employees appeared to intervene and de-escalated the situation.

Carmine’s owner Jeffry Bank described his employee as “extremely shook up,” and described the incident as “inexcusable, ridiculous.”

He also asserted that the hostess offered the group an outside table in the absence of vaccine cards for the entire party. “We follow the laws. I respect the vaccine mandate. We have an option, if you’re not vaccinated, sit outside,” he told the Daily Mail.” Bank noted that he was hiring private security for the hostess both at the entrance to the establishment

Elsewhere in Manhattan, thousands of protesters converged on Times Square to march against vaccine passports on Saturday.

And last week, a man accused a restaurateur of enforcing “segregation” by denying food to a family that purportedly had a religious exemption from the jab.