Published:September 18, 2021

-Western Standard


Over 7,000 gathered Saturday in Calgary’s Central Memorial Park for the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

Only three days after Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced a return to lockdown in Alberta, Saturday’s attendance easily doubled last Sunday’s rally at Olympic Plaza and City Hall. This was the largest crowd yet to peacefully gather in protest of vaccine passport and the current health restrictions.

Ahead of Monday’s federal election, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier made an appearance at the rally and addressed the crowd.

“That’s why were are here today, because we know without freedom, there is no human dignity, there’s no equality of rights, ” he said.

“Freedom is the foundation of our Country, of our civilization’s values. We will always fight for what we believe.”

Before Bernier took the stage, an AHS nurse shared her experience working in an elderly care centre.

“We watched patients who were left alone, not allowed to see their loved ones. It was so heartbreaking; like I was living in a horror movie,” she said.

A Grade 10 Henry Wisewood high school student also spoke.

“There’s about 1,500 students at my school and I’m the only one that doesn’t wear a mask,” he said to resounding applause.

The throngs of people met in the park for the speeches then took to the streets for a police-escorted walk through the area.

Friday, Bernier attended a rally in Strathmore where he spoke to over 1,000 PPC supporters for his final campaign stop.

The Western Standard will have full, live coverage of election night.