September 8, 2021

-Western Standard


Bringing out the gun control issue is a page ripped out of the Liberal election playbook since “the dawn of time,” says the head of a Canadian firearms lobby group.

Rod Giltaca, head of the Canadian Coalition of Firearm Rights, said it left Conservative leader Erin O’Toole with no choice but to flip-flop on an earlier statement to completely revoke the Liberal gun grab on so-called “military-style” weapons.

“The Liberals go to the same channel-changer since the dawn of time,” Giltaca told the Western Standard.

“This election is not about gun control, this election whether or not we will even have a country left.

“O’Toole did the only thing he could do to get it off the table.”

Giltaca called the $610 million early election a “vanity project” for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to try and get a majority.

He described gun control as a “complex issue” with one side just throwing out slogans and pictures of guns.

“At the end of the day, the majority of Canadians don’t care,” he said.

O’Toole is reversing his commitment to repeal the Liberal ban on hunting and sporting rifles that Trudeau has labeled “military-style assault weapons”.

Trudeau has erroneously claimed O’Toole would legalize “military-style assault weapons” and has promised a $1 billion cash payout for provinces that ban handguns. Civilian ownership of automatic weapons of any kind has been illegal in Canada since 1977.

The Conservative platform made no promise to legalize “military-style assault weapons” or automatic weapons of any kind, but committed to repeal Bill C-71 and the May 2020 cabinet decree that banned many hunting and sporting rifles which the Liberals have labeled “military-style assault weapons.” Firearms advocates insist the Liberals have misclassified the firearms based on their appearance or name.

Under fire from Trudeau, the Conservative leader has struggled to defend his position.

On the campaign trail August 5, O’Toole appeared to reverse his position, to now support the Liberal gun ban.

“We’re going to take the politics out of the classification process for firearms and focus on public safety,” said O’Toole.

“I want people to know that we’re going to maintain the assault weapon ban and the restrictions put in place in 2020…Let’s have a public and transparent process to take the politics out and focus our resources on where it’s needed.”

This is in direct contravention of O’Toole’s Conservative platform that commits to repealing the the Liberal cabinet decree of 2020.