Cheryl k. Chumley

September 21, 2021

-The Washington Times


Did you hear the one about Howdy Doody planning a run for governor of Texas in 2022?

That’s a reference to Beto O’Rourke, of course, the Democratic Party’s equivalent of the bouncing ball of television singalongs, the man with clown-like gestures and clownish cadence. Word is, once again, he may be bringing his barefooted self to a comfy campaign couch near you.

He’s a joke, of course.

He speaks without thinking. He can’t speak without arm flailing. But he delivers what he’s told — so in Democrat minds, he’s the perfect party candidate. Real leadership material. A true protege of the left.

Collectivists don’t want independent thinkers. Honestly, they don’t even want problem-solvers among their ranks — unless the problems they solve have to do with getting rid of those pesky Donald Trump types and those annoying staunch defenders of the Constitution and those troublesome adherents of Founding Father principles, that is. But solving the border crisis? Handling the nation’s spiraling debt? Returning America to some sort of pre-pandemic normalcy, the kind where face masks aren’t worn and vaccine decisions rest with parents, private doctors and individuals, not Big Government?

Democrats don’t want to hear about solving those problems, particularly from those within their own party ranks.

Why would they? They create these problems. They’re the ones who cause these crises. The solution is to get rid of Democrats.

So Democrats’ greatest desire is to run candidates for office whose number one priority is following orders and number two priority, pushing socialist-slash-communist-slash-collectivist ideologies and if ever those priorities come into conflict, to default to number one. Witness their president, a bumbling, fumbling mentally incapacitated elderly man who spends more time picking out ice cream flavors than considering proper exit strategies from Afghanistan. Yay, Team Biden. Yay, Team Democrats.

The only way for sane America to rid the country of these politicians who put globalism and elitism at the forefront of all leadership decision-making is for Christians to get louder and angrier — righteously angry, that is. We should be righteously angry that so many have dared to redefine what this country stands for, and in so doing, moved us from a nation with principles rooted in Judeo-Christian teachings to one where secularists and wicked designs of the heart rule, wicked imaginations of the human mind reign.

America’s exceptionalism comes from the idea that individual rights are granted by God and government is only there to protect and serve. And serve — not rule.

That means those who believe in God must be involved, and stay involved, in society — yes, even secular society. What good is a Christian who stands strong for biblical teachings only in church?

In America, moral men and women are needed to lead in business, in politics and government, in schools, in every aspect of secular life. Else the systems crumble. Else the foundations tremble. Else the whole American experiment breaks.

Christians must rise, or America will fall. God-given isn’t just a blessing. It’s a responsibility.