By Jim Hoft

September 21, 2021

-The Gateway Pundit


Thousands of participants in Maui, Hawaii came together on Saturday to participate in the “Mandate FREE Maui” March and Rally calling for an end to all COVID mandates.

Bruce Douglas organized “Mandate FREE Maui” to unite vaccinated and unvaccinated to demand medical freedom of choice and to promote”no restaurant vax pass discrimination.”

Concerned citizens in the grassroots movement and local business owners came together to support the event. Business owners are facing passport mandates to check at the door, as well as capacity reductions from 75% to 50% and a host of other edicts. The science and data being used to justify these orders are inconsistent and inaccurate from the SO-CALLED EXPERTS.

A resident from Maui reached out to Gateway Pundit about their current situation in Hawaii.

“Please help us and spread the word. Hundreds of patriots here in Maui are working hard to wake the people up here. They are asleep. It is so frustrating and defeating. But in the past few weeks, RELENTLESS patriot efforts have started to work. We are making a dent. The public support brings tears to your eyes when you see it. Thank you for any help in spreading the word. Hawaii is a big deal. TOTAL DRACONIAN. We need help.

This is a big deal. It went from hundreds to thousands of supporters. Please help our cause. We need coverage to grow. This is all grassroots. Just the love of country and the spirit of Aloha. We will bring hope here, it is dark on Maui.

On another note, we own one of the largest Gyms here in Hawaii, “The Gym Maui.” The owner Paul Romero is a legendary outdoorsman and ultra-athlete. He refused the police and health department attempting to close the gym on multiple occasions. His son is a world record holder. This is only to illustrate we are deeply connected to the community and are fighting with all we have against this. Thank you again.”

Maui Now reported:

A Mandate-Free Maui March and Rally drew thousands of participants that stretched in a walking line from War Memorial Stadium to the Kaʻahumanu Avenue intersection with Kahului Beach Road. Bystanders estimated the crowd at more than 1,000, while organizers said the event drew an estimated 3,000 individuals over the course of two hours, beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

The event was held in solidarity with World Wide Demonstration Day, uniting vaccinated and unvaccinated for medical freedom of choice. Organizers outlined two demands: (1) seeking an end to restaurant vaccine passes; and (2) calling for an end to all COVID mandates.

Bruce Douglas who served as a logistics coordinator for the event, emphasized that the rally was not an “anti-vaccination” event.

“It was an incredible outpouring of dedication from 3,000 people sharing their voice against these horrible mandates we’re all facing. This was a unity march of vaccinated and un-vaccinated people coming together for freedom of medical choice. So many people expressed they had felt alone… People made connections, felt solidarity and felt there was some hope for their voice being heard. It’s important that peoples’ voices are heard,” said Douglas.