Steve Watson

June 9, 2021

-Summit News


A British comedian has spoken out after he was turned down for a gig based on his race, sexuality and gender.

Nick Dixon, who has toured the UK comedy circuit extensively and had success as a movie writer, says that a comedy club operator informed a fan of Dixon’s that he wouldn’t be booking the comedian because he was a “white straight able-bodied male”.

The club owner told the fan “I kind of have a million billion really good white, straight able-bodied male comedians I can call upon.  I’m trying to find more of the opposite.”

The message continued, “When I say the opposite I don’t necessarily mean a black gay woman in a wheelchair, but I’ve seen how hard it is for female acts, black acts etc to get on good bills.”

This is not an isolated incident where comedy clubs are concerned.

Dixon says that such discrimination is happening to every white comedian in the country, but many are afraid to speak up.

“This has happened to basically every straight white comedian I know,” Dixon stated, adding “Whether it’s live or TV work, everyone this happens to feels it’s wrong, though they might not admit it publicly.”

He continued “Even right-on left-wing comedians will express anger about it in private…But if you asked them to give up their place on a TV panel show for a person of colour it would be a different story.”

“I just want a meritocracy because that’s better for everyone. Where you have a meritocracy, diversity happens naturally. Look at football, for example,” Dixon explained, noting that comedy shows should be made up of “just the funniest people.”

“These cack-handed attempts at social engineering don’t help anyone. I don’t believe it is necessary to do this in comedy,” Dixon urged.

The comedian has previously warned about comedy going ‘woke’, and the detrimental effects it has on the art form, claiming that the aim of woke comedy “is not to make us laugh, but to lecture us about what we should believe.

Dixon isn’t alone in lamenting the death of comedy at the hands of wokeness. Others including Rowan AtkinsonRicky GervaisJohn CleeseJoe RoganAdam CarollaBill Burr, and Dave Chappelle have all issued similar warnings.

Cancel culture has seen some comedians self-censoring in order to appease the mob:

The ultimate irony is that leftist comedians are quick to cry ‘cancel culture’ when their own bland drivel is rejected.