June 9, 2021

-Western Standard


It appears straight white males needn’t bother applying for this job.

That seems to be the impression left by an employment ad by the Canadian Western Bank.

“Bring you. All of you. Feminist. First Nations band member. Gay rights activist. Sign language speaker. Labels don’t matter here, but your perspective does,” reads the ad looking for a senior communications advisor.

“All applicants are welcome, and we expressly encourage applicants to apply who identify as women, persons with visible and invisible disabilities (including physical, mental, sensory, learning impairment, etc.), Indigenous peoples (including First Nations, Metis and Inuit), LGBTQ2S+ and/or racialized persons.

“We are specifically seeking diversity in this role, because at CWB we believe that inclusion has power, and we’re looking for some unique perspectives to add to this area of our business. We have a culture that thrives on idea-sharing, collaboration, respect, caring and camaraderie. If you have a voice to add to the conversation, we’d love you to apply.”

Ironically, the main photo on CWB shows three white middle-aged male employees.

Some social media posters questioned whether the ad was a breach of the Human Rights Act which guarantees equal rights for all.

” I guess I will not be applying to this position with Canadian Western Bank as a senior communications officer,” wrote one white, middle-aged man on Facebook.

The Western Standard reached out to CWB for comment but hasn’t heard back.