September 25, 2021

-Liberty Daily


There’s a prevailing narrative being spread by some in the media and in legal circles that big companies imposing vaccine mandates can only be fought when a huge chunk of their employees speak out. In America, it doesn’t take a large group to prevent tyranny. It only takes one person with the courage and means to put forth a legitimate lawsuit that challenges illegal policies.

In the case of United Airlines, six employees were able to put a temporary stop to the mammoth company’s vaccine mandates. According to Breitbart:

United Airlines reluctantly agreed to postpone its company-wide Chinese coronavirus vaccine mandate Friday until a federal judge is able to hold further hearings in a case brought by six of the airline’s employees.

Evidently fearing it could lose Friday’s court battle and be slapped with a temporary restraining order (TRO), the airline pivoted 180 degrees and agreed to postpone its mandate until October 15. United Airlines originally told its 67,000 U.S. employees they must be vaccinated against Chinese coronavirus (or secure an exemption) by September 27 or face termination. Instead, unvaccinated employees will now be able to continue working normally while the plaintiffs and the company gather what they need to proceed in court.

This is a small victory in the lawsuit itself as it only buys employees at least two weeks, but it’s a symbolic win overall for the medical freedom movement because it demonstrates how a company like United Airlines can be forced to backtrack on their draconian mandates while they build their case. A temporary restraining order would have been better, but attorneys for United Airlines sidestepped what they perceived was an inevitability by volunteering to delay.

Breitbart continues:

Six United Airlines employees are suing the company for its “draconian” Chinese coronavirus vaccine mandate, alleging the company has violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by discriminating against them based on their religious and medical exemptions.

The class action lawsuit, which powerhouse Washington, DC, law firm Schaerr Jaffe filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Tuesday, represents potentially at least 2,000 United Airlines employees. These workers have obtained religious or medical exemptions and will maintain employment, but they will be forced to live without pay and health benefits for up to six years while the company assesses the pandemic, according to the complaint.

“United’s actions have left Plaintiffs with the impossible choice of either taking the COVID-19 vaccine, at the expense of their religious beliefs and their health, or losing their livelihoods,” the complaint states. “In doing so, United has violated Title VII and the ADA by failing to engage in the interactive process and provide reasonable accommodations, and also by retaliating against employees who engaged in protected activity.”

The complaint argues that “indefinite unpaid leave is not a reasonable accommodation. Instead, indefinite unpaid leave is an adverse employment action.”

One of the plaintiffs, Kimberly Hamilton, has been with the company for 18 years and works as a station operations representative. She is the primary earner in her family and pays for her husband’s cancer treatment, which she will be “unable to afford if she is placed on unpaid leave,” court documents show.

The mandates being imposed across the country can be fought. Brave men and women need to take on their own employers through the legal means available to us as Americans. There should be lawsuits filed against every authoritarian company in the nation.