December 21, 2021

-Western Standard


Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his family weren’t able to get back home after a weekend away because protesters had surrounded his house, says his spokesman.

Executive director of media relations to Ford, Ivana Yelich, took to Twitter as the premier tried to return to his Etobicoke home after a weekend at his cottage with family.

“The Premier and his family haven’t been able to get into their home for most of the weekend or today because anti-vaxxers have been protesting outside their house,” Yelich said on Twitter.

Demonstrations have gathered outside of the premier’s Etobicoke home to show contempt against Ontario’s vaccination strategy against COVID-19.

But many replied to Yelich’s claims, saying they were false.

“Let’s review — protesters are a block from the Premier’s home and the street is closed. Local police on scene. @fordnation goes to his cottage 200 km away on Saturday during a public health crisis for Xmas, ” said Tom Whittaker, @whittakertp.

Videos circulating online around Ontario show people are struggling to get available rapid tests or booster shots, as lines are accumulating hours before clinics open.

Polling indicates the newest announcement of restrictions has 51% of Ontarians scaling back their Christmas plans.

The latest provincial restrictions limit social gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

An Angus Reid poll this week showed Ford had the approval of 47% of the people in the province for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.