Published:April 20, 2022

-The Counter Signal


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s government is looking to hire an Executive Director, Platforms, whose central focus is building and managing a digital ID to link Albertans to a QR code and digital payment.

According to the job description, “Your priority is to build and manage platform services like digital identity, digital payment, notification and engagement, user-experience data collection, and content and document management. You’ll succeed by establishing and scaling teams that are iterative, user-centred, data-driven and focused on digital delivery with Cloud-era ways of working.”

Whoever’s chosen by the government for the role will receive the bodacious salary of $125,318 to $164,691 per year — that means upwards of $10,000 a month, plus lucrative benefits.

Kenney’s decision to pursue the implementation of a digital ID is curious as he infamously called out the World Economic Forum (WEF), its founder Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset agenda in late 2020, saying it’s not a conspiracy theory and that people have a right to be concerned.

According to Kenney, the Great Reset is a “grab bag of left-wing ideas for less freedom and more government” that would “create massive poverty.”

“So, no, I’m not going to be taking any policy direction from Klaus Schwab and his ilk…. And I think it’s perfectly legitimate for democratically elected leaders [like] me to say ‘heck no, we’re not going to exploit or take advantage of a crisis to advance a political agenda,’” Kenney said in December 2020.

These statements now sound highly ironic as paramount to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset agenda is linking humanity to a digital IDcentral bank digital currency, and shoehorning in a Chinese-style social credit score for the Western world to lay the groundwork for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.Kenney, who received a copy of Schwab’s book and apparently read it, should know this. Nonetheless, Alberta, along with Ontario, is continuing on its quest to establish a digital ID, even as Saskatchewan scraps its plan due to extreme unpopularity.