Angelo Isidorou

Published:October 14, 2021

-The Post Millennial


A retiring soldier has been threatened to take the vaccine or face a court-martial. In a shocking leaked audio clip, an Army doctor is heard telling the soldier she must either get the shot or possibly face a court martial. Terminal CWO broke the story and Jack Posobiec broadcast it on his hit podcast Human Events Daily, where he analyzed the entire clip.

“If we were civilians and you said, ‘Doctor, do you think it’s reasonable for me to not get the vaccine for a few months until I feel comfortable?’ I’d say, yeah, that’s reasonable, you’re young and healthy, it’s reasonable to wait a few months until you feel more comfortable,” the Army doctor said.

“The Army doesn’t allow me to do that, though. So I recommend that you submit an administrative waiver because I can’t grant you a medical waiver unless you had specific medical conditions such as severe allergic reaction to the first shot, unfortunately.”

The soldier, who has Endometriosis, is a medical retiree. She notes in the clip that she is going home in six days, but the doctor says a court-martial would prevent her from doing so. The court-martial would, however, only be used should an administrative waiver be rejected. The doctor explains how the soldier would go through a chapter process, where the military determines what kind of discharge the soldier receives.

“And then after the chapter process is concluded, it would go before the general court-martial convening authority, General Doyle, and he would make the determination,” the doctor explained. He describes how that General would determine whether she separates the Army as a medical retiree or Chapter Separation, which is a process in which soldiers are removed from the military. Such a process is used with soldiers who deal with substance abuse or serious crimes like assault.

“So I really recommend applying for administrative labour today or getting the shot just because like you’re so close to being done. I hate it when good people get punished,” concluded the doctor.

Posobiec has said more audio is set to be leaked in the coming days.