By Keean Bexte

Published:May 26, 2021

-Counter Signal


Alberta MLA Jackie Lovely had some frank words for British Columbia and Quebec on Wednesday, as she stood in the Legislature to support Bill 72.

“I will always take the opportunity to stand up for our oil and gas sector,” she exclaimed. “If Quebec and BC wish to embargo us for our commitment to our oil and gas sector, then I say, Mr. Speaker, let the bastards freeze,” while shaking her papers in her fist.

According to the Government of Alberta, Bill 72 (Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act), would give the Minister of Energy the power to prohibit the export of crude oil and natural gas to other provinces.

British Columbia relies heavily on Alberta crude. Gasoline, diesel, and kerosene (jet fuel), are refined from crude oil originating from and transported by Alberta’s existing Trans Mountain Pipeline. Less than 10% of fuel used in BC comes from the United States.

To put it lightly, BC is at the mercy of Alberta – and the oil producing province turn off the taps, Beautiful British Columbia would be in for a world of hurt.

Bill 72 is expected to pass handily with the conservative majority in the province, and it is currently on it’s second reading.