by Steve Watson

September 16, 2021



The saga with Nicki Minaj being attacked over expressing COVID vaccination ‘wrong think’ has taken another turn after the singer claimed she has been locked out of Twitter after sharing a video of Tucker Carlson defending her, causing leftists and trendies to melt down.

As we reported yesterday, Minaj caused controversy over a tweet she posted regarding COVID-19 vaccine side-effects. The mainstream media immediately began to lie and misreport what she had said, offering a rare glimpse for normies into how the press twists the truth to fit a political narrative.

When MSNBC’s Joy Reid lectured Minaj over the incident, essentially saying ‘you should know better, blah blah blah,’ Minaj hit back, pointing out that Reid hypocritically previously told people not to get vaccinated last year purely because Donald Trump was President.