By Brandon Gillespie

July 29, 2021

-Fox News


A guest essay for The New York Times published Wednesday was headlined “there is no good reason” a person should be required to become an American citizen in order to vote in U.S. elections.

In the essay, journalist Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, a Swiss immigrant, argued that because non-citizens living legally in the U.S. “contribute as much” to American life as natural-born Americans, they should have a say “in matters of politics and policy.”

“Considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision undermining voting rights, and Republicans’ efforts to suppress, redistrict and manipulate their way to electoral security, it’s time for Democrats to radically expand the electorate,” Abrahamian wrote. “Proposing federal legislation to give millions of young people and essential workers a clear road to citizenship is a good start.”

She called on lawmakers in Washington and state capitals across the country to lift voting restrictions on legal residents who aren’t American citizens, including green card holders, those on work visas, as well as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

“Expanding the franchise in this way would give American democracy new life, restore immigrants’ trust in government and send a powerful message of inclusion to the rest of the world,” Abrahamian added.

She claimed the change would be beneficial for Democrats at first, but suggested Republicans would be “induced” to expand their outreach to more diverse groups and possibly “enthuse” their current constituents to turn out to vote in greater numbers.

“I hope that Democrats seize their chance, and realize the power and the enthusiasm of their potential constituents. They — and we — will not regret it,” she said.

Some critics took to social media to slam the column, as well as the liberal paper, with one even referring to it as “an enemy of America.”