Gary Dimmock

Published:September 14, 2021


Martin Frampton is accused of killing Kenneth Ammaklak the day he learned his best mate was a child sex predator.

Frampton, 29, went on trial Monday for first-degree murder in the horrifying May 14, 2019, death of his 31-year-old best friend, who was beaten in his own apartment and then thrown off the balcony from the 21st floor only to plunge to his death in the parking lot below, according to the police theory.

The jury trial, with the seasoned Ontario Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips presiding, heard evidence on Monday from a neighbour at the Donald Street apartment who was first on the scene.

It was around 6 a.m. on May 14, 2019, and Carlos Clark was about to go to work when he noticed someone face-down in the parking lot. He initially thought someone had passed out, but the first witness at trial testified that when he got closer he realized the man was dead.

“His head was all bashed in and brains exposed. It traumatized me,“ Clark told jurors.

He then called 911 and stayed on the line until patrol officers arrived.

The discovery left tenants at the public-housing apartment building in shock.

Frampton, the accused killer, had been crashing at the victim’s apartment at the time of the murder, and right after he learned his best mate, Ammaklak, had been convicted of molesting a child, court heard.

On the first day of trial, responding constables testified about putting up police tape to contain the scene, canvassing tenants and standing guard outside the apartment door.

There was blood all over the unit — spatter on the walls, the floor, the bathroom and even inside the closet and in a laundry hamper. And there was more blood on the balcony door frame, its railing and down in the parking lot below.

A neighbouring tenant called security hours before the death but she testified that the security guard didn’t bother knocking on the door where she had reported a loud, screaming fight.

The neighbour testified that she heard screaming and then a railing clang and then a “boom.”

She told court she was afraid and it was an off-and-on verbal fight that went on for at least an hour and a half.

The police case, adopted by the Crown, has security tape from the public-housing building showing the suspect going in and out at the time in question.

The court heard that the friends, the accused killer and victim, were drunk hours after going to the LCBO for gin, which they mixed with Rocket Candy.

The trial continues Tuesday.