June 5, 2021



On July 4th, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg let the world know how he was celebrating his Independence Day with a very awkward video.

Zuckerberg shared a video of himself riding a hydrofoil surfboard with the United States flag in hand. The minute-long clip is set to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and yes, it looks just as strange as it sounds. While it is an admittedly bizarre video, this type of content is par for the course with Zuckerberg, who once awkwardly streamed from his backyard while smoking meats. There was also that viral photo of the tech billionaire caked in sunscreen earlier this year, lest we forget.

Shortly after Zuck shared the video online, people reacted with a healthy dose of humor, bewilderment, and in some cases, anger. Many suggested it was yet another failed attempt from the 37-year-old billionaire to appear “normal” to the general public, but the visual of him gliding above water to the sounds of John Denver is anything but normal.

While the clip did see a lot of people dunking on Zuck, the media mogul has bigger concerns than becoming a meme again. Earlier this month, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain suggested that Facebook and Zuckerberg need to do much more about all the COVID-19 misinformation on the platform.

“I’ve told Mark Zuckerberg directly that when we gather groups of people who are not vaccinated and we ask them, why aren’t you vaccinated, and they tell us things that are wrong, tell us things that are untrue, and we ask them where they’ve heard that, the most common answer is Facebook,”  Klain said. Zuckerberg has come under fire a number of times before over Facebook’s inaction in regards to conspiracy theory propagation and vaccine misinformation.

Check out some notable reactions to the strange video below.