Spencer Brown

October 27, 2021



According to Portland, Oregon ABC affiliate KATU, the Portland City Council unanimously approved changes to the city’s bereavement leave policy earlier in October to allow time off for employees experiencing a pregnancy-related loss — including through abortion.

document that appears to be the city’s new policy explains the updated criteria for city employees’ bereavement leave under the heading of “Pregnancy Loss Bereavement Leave.”

A qualifying pregnancy is defined as the pregnancy of the employee or employee’s spouse or partner; or any pregnancy, including through surrogacy or adoption, where the employee or employee’s spouse or partner would have been parent or primary caregiver.

“Miscarriage” is defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics as loss of pregnancy prior to 20 weeks gestation.

“Stillbirth” is defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics as loss of pregnancy from 20 weeks gestation or more.

“Other loss” is defined as any other loss of pregnancy including termination, irrespective of whether deemed medically necessary, and loss incurred during fertility treatment.

So termination — the sanitized term for abortion, the taking of an unborn life — whether due to medical advice or personal decision, is now a municipally recognized reason for bereavement.

Portland’s stance is a far cry from the “shout your abortion” movement that has become the standard position of pro-abortion advocates. And aren’t we all told by abortion activists that unborn children are just clumps of cells unable to feel pain or exist on their own? Other say abortion is just a common medical procedure. If abortion is something which women need, should embrace as routine, and ought to celebrate, why is it now a justifiable cause for bereavement? As a pro-abortion advocate recently testified before Congress, “abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is freedom.”


So why is time off needed?

The tragic irony and conflict between claiming abortion is no big deal and is a good thing while also needing time to grieve the loss was pointed out by many as Twitchy aggregated here.