By Jordan Conradson

Published:July 4, 2021

-The Gateway Pundit


The Satanic Temple is weaponizing the first amendment and putting up disgusting signs across the nation.

Local Phoenix patriot, Becky Coffman shared a photo of this atrocity in Phoenix, Arizona









These billboards advertise Satanists’ religious exemptions in abortion and compare cake batter to the miracle of human conception.

A cake, which follows a precise recipe and comes out exactly the same each time is not comparable to the creation of an entirely new human being who has a unique DNA, a mind, and a soul of his own.

The Temple has even sued a man in Arkansas for religious discrimination after he refused to display these messages on eight of his own billboards.

These people are demonic.

It gets worse. In Houston and Dallas, Texas, billboards actually read, “Abortions Save Lives”.







“Abortions Save Lives” 

This makes no sense.

These people declare that killing the unborn is a religious ritual.

This is just sick.