October 14, 2021

-Western Standard


Be good little workers and rat out fellow nurses. It’s your duty to report them to the authorities immediately if you decide they’re spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine.

That comes from the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) that set up a fink link and even provides interpreters and hotline help to crack down on dissidents.

Yes, of course, you’re being asked to lose your moral compass. Ignore that. Destroying the reputations and livelihoods of friends and fellow workers is all for the greater good.

Renegade nurses who dare to ask questions, refuse to blindly obey, or have the nerve to say dangerous things about COVID-19 vaccines like ‘my body, my choice’ or ‘unvaccinated patients deserve equal care,’ must be outed by willing spies prowling around Alberta’s hospitals wards looking for targets.

So what if frightened nurses being reported have worked long shifts beside you, bravely staring the unknowns of a pandemic in the face, striving to comfort the stricken and save lives.

They likely even propped you up a time or two when you were exhausted and frightened.

Forget all that. Freethinkers with a conscience or concerns that might contradict the accepted dictatorial norm must be punished. Turn them in!

Mother Russia would beam with pride. As will her comrades running this spy scheme at CARNA.

The fink link — laughably right below a link to a Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses — is included in an October 1 message from CARNA to all members.

It’s under the heading: What should I do if we (sic) know that nurses are spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine?

“Spreading misinformation and disinformation about vaccinations in is direct contravention of CARNA’s code of ethics and standards of practice,” it reads.

It includes the Code of Ethics of Registered Nurses and the Practice Standards for Regulated Members.”

“Failure to abide by the code of ethics and/or standards of practice is considered unprofessional conduct, and may be subject to a formal complaint, investigation, and professional discipline.”

The link makes it easy to register a complaint.

No one is safe. CARNA will zealously investigate complaints related to the conduct of registered nurses, graduate nurses, nurse practitioners, graduate nurse practitioners and certified graduate nurses.

And “anyone” can file a complaint which will be processed under the Health Professionals Act.

If more than one culprit is involved, by all means, list them in detailed separate complaints for each one.

A helpline number and interpreters are available to guide the offended through submitting complaints to the complaints director.

Despite all the hand-wringing over not enough money flowing into Alberta’s health care system, someone found funds to put a complaints director on the payroll. Whatever the pay is, it’s too much.

My, how swiftly times change, how heroes desperately needed in crisis can fall from grace and be banished into the persecuted class.

Not long ago nurses were rightly hailed as heroes with a barrage of thank-you memos from AHS President and CEO Dr. Verna Yiu.

Now they must look over their tired shoulders wondering who is spying on all they say and do because CARNA, the organization that’s supposed to protect and represent them, is encouraging — no, demanding — division.

Or, they must give up their professions and wonder how they’ll feed their kids.

Health care workers have been ordered to get fully immunized by October 31 or lose their jobs. They have until Saturday, October 16 to comply and get their second shot.