October 1, 2021

-Western Standard


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest stunt is so offensive on so many levels, it’s hard to believe even he can be so untethered to reality.

He blew off indigenous people on a historically important day, told a big fib about his whereabouts, and once again created a bigger carbon footprint than most Canadians will leave in a year.

It was too big a personal sacrifice for Trudeau to put his pleasure plans on hold for one day. One day!

The surf was up in Tofino, B.C. Thursday, so Trudeau apparently was anxious to get there in a hurry.

Well, the surf’s still up, but Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation came and went sans prime minister. He took a pass on attending all ceremonies.

This callous insult to the lost children and survivors of residential schools, and all indigenous Canadians must be a bitter blow to already wounded people. They were given hope when their pain was finally formally recognized via a national day.

The saddest thing is that Trudeau demonstrated such unforgivable, wanton disrespect.

It’s worse than the last offensive stunt he pulled when he knelt within a former residential school site, dramatically clutching a teddy bear. If that was true compassion and not just an insulting and embarrassing photo op, where did his compassion go?

The prime minister’s itinerary for Thursday stated he was attending ‘private meetings’ in Ottawa.  It was later altered to report he was in Tofino, a famous surfing community, and a favourite family vacation spot.

Did Trudeau think he wouldn’t get caught in a deliberate ruse? Even prime ministers must plan for vacations. There’s packing to do, a flight to book, security and accommodations to line up.

Yet the PMO’s office tried to pass it off as an impromptu vacation.

A Canadian Forces Challenger jet with the Trudeau family onboard took off from Ottawa International Airport at about 8 a.m. and eventually landed at Tofino Long Beach Airport.

The Challenger would have flown over the site of two former residential schools, Ahousaht Residential School and Christie Residential School. But no, it didn’t stop to attend commemorations. The surf was up!

Trudeau did find the time to speak at a ceremony on Parliament Hill on Wednesday.

“Do not tell me, or try to explain, that the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is a day for Indigenous Canadians, it is a day for all Canadians,” he said.

Everybody but him, apparently.

The prime minister’s spokesman, Alex Wellstead, claimed Trudeau will be speaking with residential school survivors across Canada while he’s busy holidaying.

Well, that’s just tossing out some crumbs. And if that’s so, that’s akin to giving grandpa an obliging quick call instead of taking time to visit him in the home. It’s insufficient. And who he’s allegedly speaking with, no one said.