July 28, 2021

-PJ Media


Joe Biden will announce on Thursday that he will require all federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated. Those workers wanting to opt out of the mandate will need to be tested every week and practice coronavirus mitigation techniques.

This is about as close to a nationwide mandate that Biden will go. But the president’s announcement will probably open the floodgates for other employers to mandate vaccines as a requirement for employment.

Surprisingly, Biden will not impose the mandate on members of the armed forces, although he certainly has the authority to do so. He will outline how the Department of Defense may seek to approach the issue, a source told CNN.

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Biden is already casting blame for the pandemic on the unvaccinated.

Asked if he thinks the new revised guidance on masks from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lead to confusion for Americans, Biden cast blame on unvaccinated Americans, saying that if they had been vaccinated “we’d be in a very different world.”

“We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus and the Delta variantion, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And there’s only one thing we know for sure, if those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world,” he said.

Just where is that skepticism about vaccines coming from? Biden and the Democrats invented vaccine skepticism back when it was cool to be skeptical about any vaccine created under the leadership of Donald Trump. But that record of dubiousness is being cleansed by Democratic allies in the media who are well aware that Biden and the Democrats’ previous skepticism about vaccines during the Trump era will come back to haunt them if they take off after vaccine skeptics today.

But the record is clear, no matter how hard the media tries to erase it.


Politifact contends that such accusations are completely false, as Biden and Harris were merely “raising concerns about the rollout by then-President Donald Trump, not the vaccines themselves.” This is an absurd distinction, tantamount to arguing that Donald Trump is “only raising concerns about those who conducted the 2020 election, not the election itself.”

Of course, if the former president released a statement promising never to take any vaccine that was produced during the Biden presidency, it would rightly be seen as perpetuating skepticism. Conspiracies theories about vaccines revolve around the producers and disseminators of the medicine. Vaccines do not organically appear from the ether. They are made. And both Biden and Harris worked to discredit those charged with creating them.

Keep that in mind when Biden starts trying to make those resisting being vaccinated into cartoon villains for his little morality play.