Missy Crane

May 24, 2021

-Wayne Dupree


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to Bumbling Joe Biden, is a man sinking into the depths of despair.

He’s been outed as a fraud, but even more so, he’s been called out for playing a major role in the “creation” of COVID-19.

And as all this information about his “gain of function” research comes to light, Fauci is watching his 15-minutes of fame slip away and he’s grasping at the most desperate straws to keep those COVIOD fires burning.

Now, Fauci is claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that America is a racist country.

While giving a speech at the graduation ceremony for Emory University via webcast, Fauci claimed that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated “the undeniable effects of racism” in America.

He went on to add that “social determinants,” which critical race theory claims are racial disparities engraved into American society, were exposed during the pandemic. Specifically, he said that the pandemic showed that minorities have more limited access to healthcare, claiming that this makes them more susceptible to the disease. Fauci also said that minorities are more likely to have chronic health problems, making them even more susceptible to COVID-19 complications.

“Now, very few of these comorbidities have racial determinants,” Fauci said. “Almost all relate to the social determinants of health dating back to disadvantageous conditions that some people of color find themselves in from birth regarding the availability of an adequate diet, access to health care, and the undeniable effects of racism in our society.”

“Let us promise ourselves that our corporate memory of this tragic reality — that an infectious disease disparately kills people of color — does not fade,” Fauci continued. “Righting this wrong will take a decades-long commitment. I urge you to be part of that commitment”

Fauci was giving this speech after being awarded the Emory University president’s medal, and he took the opportunity to slam divisiveness.

Fauci then praised the graduates for how they handled the pandemic.

“Not since the influenza pandemic of 1918 has humanity faced a public health crisis of this magnitude,” he said. “Each of you deserves enormous respect for your extraordinary adaptability, resilience, and dedication to learning, completing your studies, and graduating despite immense difficulties and uncertainties.”

Dr. Fauci is probably the most dangerous man in America right now. He’s a man who still has a lot of power and the ear of very powerful people and he’s desperate to keep his power and influence.