October 14, 2021



Two men dressed as police officers, armed with batons and handcuffs, allegedly tried to enter a woman’s home in London’s Tower Hamlets this week, before they were chased out of the area.

The targeted woman filmed the two men – who wore police caps, purple disposable gloves, and white sneakers – at her door after they allegedly tried to enter her home and refused to present identification. As the woman started to record the encounter, the two men hid their faces and became aggressive, with one of the fake officers threateningly drawing his baton and attempting to grab her phone.

Despite repeated attempts to intimidate the woman, the two men soon fled the area and pretended to call for backup through a fake radio, before sprinting away down a nearby road.

The disturbing video went viral in London on Thursday after being posted on social media by the grassroots reporting group London & UK Crime.