By Bonchie

July 28, 2021

-Red State


With the hysteria over the Delta variant in full swing despite ample evidence we are nowhere near crisis levels, the mistreatment of people in response continues. Yesterday, the CDC, no doubt under pressure from Dr. Anthony Fauci and the White House, reversed course on masks for the vaccinated. The lack of evidence that cloth masks even work doesn’t seem to bother our intrepid government officials who are clearly just looking to cover their own backsides.

But it’s not just the United States that isn’t acting rationally in the face of objective data. The United Kingdom has also fallen face-first into the Delta panic. The result has been disturbing scenes like this.

I’ve got so many questions here and a lot of sympathy for the mother as well.

For example, what exactly is the point of testing a newborn baby? Let’s say the baby has COVID. Then what? The baby would be isolated at home with the mother anyway. Further, children are not COVID spread vectors in any serious way. That’s especially true for a newborn that isn’t interacting with other children and remains sedentary. The mother had already tested negative. Was the plan to keep the baby from the mother for 14 days? How insane would that be?

Also, the way the nurse talks to the mother is infuriating. They are going to call social services because the mother didn’t want a rod jammed up her baby’s nose for no logical reason whatsoever? The baby isn’t her property? That’s NHS for you, I guess.

Do you want to know the top reason most Republicans are against government-run healthcare? It’s not just the cost (we already spend gobs of money we don’t have). Rather, it’s about control. When you hand the government total control over your healthcare, you have essentially volunteered yourself to be a ward of the state. They can require you to do just about anything. That’s not to say the U.S. is immune from insanity like in that video, but a mother would at least have more recourse and options here.

COVID has caused people and governments to lose their minds. The Delta variant is highly contagious. It is not leading to high death numbers because we are obviously nearing herd immunity. In fact, we are something like 15x lower in terms of the average daily deaths from COVID right now compared to January. People are more likely to die of run-of-the-mill pneumonia now than the coronavirus.

In short, there is no justification for what the CDC is doing. There’s also no justification for what’s going on in the UK. All of this is about power and hysteria not driven by objective data. People should continue to resist and say enough is enough.