July 2, 2021



“Winnipeg: Queen Elizabeth down, Canadian flag down, Warrior flag up,” crowed the Communist Party of Canada on its verified Twitter account, alongside the hashtag #CancelCanadaDay and a picture of an activist trampling the vandalised face of Queen Victoria’s toppled statue.

“This is the state legislature building and not a policeman in sight,” lamented Robert Poll of the Save Our Statues campaign, sharing one of the videos of the large statue of Victoria sitting on a throne being dragged from its plinth. Mob members subsequently took off her head and threw it in a river.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) — roughly equivalent to Britain’s BBC — reports that one man was “shocked… with a stun gun and arrested” during the disorder at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg — but added that he may not have been a statue-toppler.

“It’s possible the arrested man was angry at those who had pulled the statue down at around 4 p.m. CT,” the broadcaster noted, adding that a police spokesman had indicated that “there may be information forthcoming on Friday.”

In addition to the toppling of the monuments to Queen Elizabeth II — who is head of state in Canada as in a number of Commonwealth realms including the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand — and her illustrious ancestor in Winnipeg, a statue of British explorer Captain James Cook was violently torn down in Victoria, British Columbia, with the metal tearing apart at the knee of one leg and the ankle of another.