July 27, 2021

-American Greatness


On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a far-left hate group, announced a new initiative in conjunction with the online payment processor PayPal, aimed at targeting so-called “extremist and hate movements” on the platform, the Daily Caller reports.

The partnership is led by the ADL’s “Center on Extremism,” and will involve the ADL studying the use of PayPal’s services by alleged “extremists,” and sharing their findings with politicians and law enforcement, for the purpose of disrupting “the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements.” PayPal’s Chief Risk Officer Aaron Karczmer released a statement celebrating the new program as having the potential to make “an even greater impact than any of us could do on our own.”

PayPal has frequently and exclusively targeted conservatives in recent years, while ignoring actual extremism from the Left. Following the peaceful protests at the United States Capitol on January 6th, PayPal suspended its services for several organizations and individuals that paid for travel expenses for people attending the march, which was in protest of the widespread voter fraud that took place in the 2020 election. PayPal also banned the anti-terrorism website Jihad Watch in August of 2017, after Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters attacked a peaceful right-wing protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, leading to the death of one left-wing protester.

The announcement of the initiative declared that it will primarily focus on “anti-government organizations,” as well as groups that are allegedly “spreading and profiting from all forms of hate and bigotry against any community.”

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt congratulated himself for his new initiative, saying that he was “thrilled to announce ADL’s new partnership to fight extremism with PayPal. We have a unique opportunity to further understand how hate spreads and develop key insights that will inform the efforts of the financial industry, law enforcement, and our communities in mitigating extremist threats.”

Another ADL spokesperson, Sindy Benavides, openly called for more censorship of conservatives by private companies, admitting that it was her “hope to see more private and public partnerships such as these to help raise the social awareness of the public to the dangers that exist in plain sight.”

The ADL has a history of falsely labeling individuals and groups as hateful, racist, or extremist. The group had falsely labeled Pat Buchanan, a former White House official in the Nixon and Reagan Administrations, presidential candidate, and acclaimed author, as an “unrepentant bigot.” They also accused Fox News star Tucker Carlson of spreading “dangerous race-baiting, extreme rhetoric” and using “classic White supremacist tropes.”