September 11, 2021

-Clarion News


President Joe Biden appeared to suddenly wander off during an event with First Lady Jill Biden at a D.C. area school on Friday.

During Jill Biden’s speech at Brookland Middle School, Joe left right in the middle of her addressing guests in the audience. Watch:

Jill Biden appears to abruptly look back at Joe and then gave an awkward hand raise. It’s hard to tell if this means he was dismissed or if he mistook it as her waving goodbye. In any event, Biden’s departure was extremely awkward, to say the least.

This isn’t the first time recently that Joe Biden has appeared to have wandered around or gotten lost. In Louisiana earlier this month, Biden got lost as he took a tour of the hurricane-struck state. The episode occurred after delivering his remarks on Hurricane Ida’s extensive damage to the state.

“Folks, Hurricane Ida is another reminder that we need to be prepared for the next hurricane,” Biden said. “And superstorms are going to come and they’re going to come more frequently and more ferociously.”

Then he addressed that thousands of Louisianans who were still without power.

“You’ve got to be frustrated about the restoration of power,” he said, “and I understand.”

What Biden didn’t seem to understand, however, is where he was supposed to go and what he was supposed to do after the speaking event.

“This way, sir,” a staffer tries to direct him. Biden completely disregards him and continues to wander in the opposite direction.

“Biden ignores a staffer, keeps on walking in the wrong direction,” Twitter commentator Jewish Deplorable pointed out.

In June at the G-7 summit, Biden responded to a question from a reporter about how he believed the G-7 talks were going. As he appeared to be wandering aimlessly, his wife Jill Biden came to his rescue.

Much like America, Biden seems to be lost. Being without a president who has any clue what he is doing couldn’t come at a worse time for the country.

Anyone for some ice cream?